Featured in the Fashion World

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Featured in the Fashion World

Good morning, Empire! Today was a very humbling experience, and we’re so grateful we were invited to be a part of the festivities. We spent our early evening at Sunkissed Universe’s Back To School fashion show as one of the featured brands. Talk about nerve wracking! Thank you to Camryn and Luc Newman and Mary Wokomah for giving us some pep talk and support throughout the event, it was great getting to work alongside such established names in our local fashionista community.


Fashion Week in Thunder Bay! Nothing beats the feeling of having your work put on display for the world to see. Well, maybe not quite the entire world yet, but it was a good practice run for when we make it that big! Sunkissed Universe put on an amazing show, full of grandeur and excitement. While we were technically in a room full of our competition, it all felt so inclusive and welcoming. We’re honored to be a part of such a community, as well as the fashion industry at large. We’re already stoked for our next chance to show off some new pieces.

It wasn’t just the chance to show off our work that we’re thankful for however. We also got a chance to meet some of the big names in fashion in Thunder Bay, and that’s truly a priceless opportunity. A special thanks to both Camryn and Luc of Newkini and Mary of Sunkissed Universe for giving us the support we needed and some tips and tricks. Both wonderful people from amazing companies, it really is no wonder they do so well.

Scroll down for some sneak peeks from this show, and don’t forget to follow our socials to make sure you catch the next one!