About Us

Welcome to 807 Empire – We are an apparel brand with a mission that lies in unearthing the essence of Canada – its lifeblood, and the very salt of this great country.

Our vision is to curate a dynamic apparel line, infused with the power of your stories, making them at the very beating heart of our designs. As we begin our journey from our beloved home of Thunder Bay, we aspire to travel to the corners of Canada, gathering these remarkable narratives to share with you through our clothing.

Join us on this incredible adventure, as we discover the spirit of Canada and the richness of its people, one captivating tale at a time.


Brand Overview

A clothing brand which offers a diverse range of apparel, while also promoting an exclusive line which is inspired by the stories of everyday Canadians.

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To become a national clothing brand which presents Canadian culture through stories of individuals and the apparel these stories inspire.


To catalogue inspiring stories of Canadians who are the blood and salt of our country and capture this Canadian spirit in our apparel.

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While we offer a diverse range of apparel in our catalogue to promote our brand, our true passion lies in unearthing captivating Canadian stories and translating them into an exclusive apparel line. Each garment and accessory carries a distinctive narrative that encapsulates the essence of the Canadian spirit. Our platform not only enables our audience to explore these remarkable tales but also invites them to actively engage in these narratives by wearing the stories themselves.


Ian Ruhetamacumu


Zach Cordingley