Thunder Bay’s very own masks

Thunder’s very own masks

Hi, my name is Ian Ruhetamacumu, the co-founder of the 807 Empire alongside my business partner Harly Di Bundu. Today I want to talk to you about face masks and also about who we are as a brand.

Who are the co-founders of the 807 Empire?
I am a 24-year-old international student from Rwanda and came to Thunder Bay in 2017 to study software engineering at Lakehead University. As an international student, I came here with a drive to pursue success, and I realized that Thunder Bay allowed me to get started, so it was natural for me to start a brand that would give the citizens of Thunder Bay and its surrounding regions an apparel brand to be proud of. Harly is a 26-year-old Congolese native that was raised in Toronto, Canada and chose to attend school in Thunder Bay, Ontario. After meeting him at a gathering, we realized that we both had the enthusiasm to become great business leaders and decided to engage in our first business venture together.

What is the 807 Empire all about?
Our brand 807 Empire is a clothing brand based here in Thunder Bay, established in 2017. Our designs focus on showcasing some touristic sights, such as maple leaf blended with the sleeping giant, great lakes designs, and much more. We also offer custom apparel and accessories to give people the choice of expressing themselves. We strive to provide nothing but the highest of standards in every quality. This summer was hard to run the business with Covid-19 because as things were starting to come together, we hit this major wall.

Why is 807 Empire Selling face masks in Thunder Bay?
Today I’m introducing a product that correlates with these tough times, face masks. We thought that a fantastic way to reconnect with members of our community and enjoy each other’s companies while staying safe would be to have fashionable masks that also represent the city of Thunder Bay or customized masks made to order so that consumers can express themselves as we’re entering a new phase of life. We researched a lot about masks that can allow easy breathing, looking fashionable, multi-usable and washable and also provides safety, so we came up with athletic fabric turned into a mask and added an extra layer of cotton in between to ensure safety.

Why Thunder Bay designs printed on face masks?
We love our city and we’re proud to represent Thunder Bay everywhere we go, these masks allow us to showcase our love for the city all without saying a word and while complying with national Health Guidelines, maintaining social distancing and of course staying safe.

Where to grab these face masks before its too late?
We would appreciate if you take a look at our selection, we have hand-picked each face mask design & made sure it looks good on you and serves the purpose as well. To check out our selection, please follow the below link.

Buy Thunder Bay Face Masks

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